PAMPHLETS FOR A BETTER HUMANKIND Addressing The Micro- And Macro-Problems Facing Humankind, And Providing Achievable Solutions; Going Where The Politically Correct Dare Not. (While the SOLUTION offered herein may not be a panacea, and may be provocative, it is offered as a positive step to correct the problem presented.)

David Scott Harrison, (c) 2008

Another panel of experts ... further study ... more review ... group discussions ... additional opinions ... reports and voluminous transcripts rarely read and even rarer to be acted upon ... never ending excuses and delays and avoidance. The issues include, but are in no way limited to: Industrial pollution, automobile manufactures that continue to produce monstrous vehicles that guzzle gasoline and spew out poisons, chemical and pharmaceutical companies that year after year dump tons of toxic waste into oceans and rivers and onto the land, factory smokestacks that nonstop billow miasmas of all sorts, mining and logging companies that rape the Earth; The realities of global warming are denied by most politicians (the few that acknowledge global warming are doing nothing to correct the problem); Air that in our major cities is unfit to breathe (indeed, air that threatens the lives of our elderly, young and sick); Coastal waters that will make you sick if you swim in them, seafood that is unsafe to eat, fisheries that are literally emptying the oceans; Politicians motivated by greed and power; Religious fanatics inciting wars; Cost of living soaring beyond the means of the average citizen; Rampant secret intrusions by Government, without cause or suspicion, into the private lives of The People; Inordinate taxation with only the semblance of representation; From the police on the streets to the loftiest judges there is only corruption, oppression and criminality; The three snaking branches of Government -- filled with individuals (you know who you are) who not only act as if they are above the law, but are, in fact, above the law -- so powerful and corrupt that The People dare not speak up for fear of retaliatory persecution and oppression; The People no longer enjoy any substantial rights of the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments to the United States Constitution; The Second Amendment is being eroded; The Fourteenth Amendment, 1, is in shambles; Women are fast losing control over their reproductive rights; Only those who choose to be blind cannot see that the Thirteenth Amendment is a carrot on a stick (Cf. the booming prison (slavery) industry in the United States); Legislators and judges have stripped nearly all rights from The People. Big Brother has taken control.

Thomas Jefferson spoke loud and clear when he urged The People to rise up at least every twenty years if only to show Government that The People still have the ability to resist. It has been a lot longer than twenty years since The People raised their voices in protest. And the reason is apathy. The People are afraid, cowardly and all too comfortable. Worse, they are soft. Of course, men with full bellies do not run into the streets and rebel, and the fuller the belly, the less the inclination. But as Albert Einstein observed: "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." Because of the apathy that saturates The People, the United States is becoming a more dangerous place to live everyday, a rotting and war-torn world. So, if not abject subservience for hoi polloi for all generations to come, then what?

THE SOLUTION: What if The People took matters into their own hands? What if The People realized that activism is what is necessary to correct the problems that are destroying our world? What if the plants and factories of the polluters were destroyed, thus forcing industry to rebuild environmentally friendly plants and factories? What if mining and logging companies were forcibly made to change their ways of doing business? What if fisheries were sunk until fish stocks rebounded and thereafter allowed only limited catches? What if The People took action, to whatever degree necessary, to force politicians to truly represent the will of The People? What if the offices of the Internal Revenue Service were not allowed to operate until taxation of The People was reasonable and proportionate and revenues spent in ways that fairly reflected the wants and needs of The People? What if corrupt and criminal politicians, judges and law enforcement agents were stopped in their tracks? What if child molesters were made permanently incapable of stealing the innocence of a child? What if the hypocrites of the church were rendered null and void and their pogroms wiped out? What if individuals who kill elephants for ivory or pup seals for their fur were themselves slaughtered? What if The People were to send such messages that they will no longer accept another panel of experts, no further studies, no more reviews, no endless group discussions, no additional opinions, no reports or transcripts -- but themselves became active in fixing the core problems?

(DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this writing reflects any call to arms, there are no terrorist threats, no cry for anarchy, lawlessness or rioting. There is no sedition in the words herein. This writing does not encourage violence or harm to any property or person. This writing merely raises the question: What if ...?).

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